GL-X300B-GPS - Firmware 4.5.16 GPS UI gone


after flashing the new 4.5.16 firmware to my X300B-GPS, the GPS option is gone in the web UI.
Flashed without keeping settings.
flashing the older 3.217 will bring GPS back to the UI.

Can someone confirm that?



I’ve opened the bin files “openwrt-x300b-4.5.16-0329-1711704011.bin” and

The old firmware openwrt-x300b-3.217-0508-1683513926.bin in 7-zip.

In the old firmware I could find files “gps_test”, “gps_upload” in \usr\bin\

“glgps” in \etc\config\

“gl_gps” in \etc\init.d\

“glgps” in\etc\config\

In the new firmware “openwrt-x300b-4.5.16-0329-1711704011.bin” I couldn’t find anything relating to GPS anymore.

Hi, Upgrading to Firmware 4.5.16 removes the More Settings / GPS tab in GL-X300B-GPS?
Any plan to fix this?

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Same BIG problem here!

Some more Information from my side: i had Auto Update on and this Update crashed All setting, wirless was no more available, 4G was disconnected. I had to to a reset to get back to the interface. After that i did a Firmware downgrade.

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Same, GPS gone after firmware update.

Would be nice if somebody from gl.inet could say us something about the GPS funktion.
The GL-X300B-GPS sould have some GPS funktions :wink: