GL X750 a lot slower than Huawei B525 help needed

Hello all.

So my old router is a Huawei B525 locked to band 1 and I usually get a download speed of 80-100mbs, it is connected to an external antenna. It has wifi packet loss of around 3-5% and this is the reason I bought the X750.

I set up the X750 a few days ago. It’s using the same external antenna and I have locked it to band 1. I’m only getting a Max download speed of 50mbs it’s also using CA as the 4g+ sign is on. Cell info is the same as the B525 also.

Am I doing something wrong? Can someone please help me? I would think that the X750 should be getting the same speeds as the B525 if not better than that.

Any help is much appreciated

As we talked in emails, maybe 70-80 is the max real speed X750 can get.

I can get more than 110 on AP1300 using the same module but AP1300 comes with stronger cpu and usb3.0

Thanks for your reply.

Yes it looks like this GL X750 device is actually limited by the CPU.

The EP06 modem maybe be a CAT 6 but that’s not much good if the CPU can not handle a CAT 6 modem.

So the maximum download speed this device can do is around 70mbs and I tested this right next to a mast/tower. That’s more like a CAT 3 in my opinion.

Thanks for your help but I’ll be sending this device back as my 5 year old router out performs this GL X750 device, not happy at all.