GL-X750 EP06 troubleshooting / setup guide ?


I got a GL-X750 EP06 which does not seem to connect to the internet via the 4G modem.

I’m trying to find the logs (I found this Log - GL.iNet Router Docs 4 ) but I don’t have that menu.

I upgraded to 3.217 but still nothing. Note that the only way to connect to the internet is thru the 4G modem, I’m hoping the device can be setup without internet.

Is there a troubleshooting guide or a more in-depth setup guide ? I looks like it is not straightforward or am I missing something obvious ?

Any ideas or pointers ?

Could you please upgrade to 4.x?

Beware: You can’t keep the settings then!

Thank you. Upgrade to 4.x worked this time (I had tried to upgrade to 4.x but it had not worked)

However, there still no 4G connection.

I have the logs menu though, I don’t see anything unusual, there’s no mention of the 4G modem.

The UI seems to alternate between finding a cell and not finding one.

Any other pointers ?

Now it’s time to get the log files from the GUI :wink:

It’s working now. I don’t get it. Anyway, provided it keeps working…

By the way, is there a way to backport stuff back to 3.x ? It seems odd that 3.x was failing so much.
4.x seems quite big in size for the 16Mb of flash, maybe there’s a way to trim it down.
Apparently there’s no more File Sharing included because of size.

Nope, you will have to choose between 3.x or 4.x - depending on your needs.

Is all of the code open ? Are there guides to build a tailor made version ? a make menuconfig to do somewhere ?

No, code of 4.x is closed source, afaik.

What about 3.x ? Is it open ?