GL-X750 - How to keep the settings at each reset

I was now able to make it work like I wanted.

The only problem is each time I unplug the device from the wall and plug it back , I have to
do the AT function again , as it does not save it internatlly , How can I input it at startup ?

The function is : AT+COPS=1,0,Rogers Wireless,7

what happen is that , when I restart it , the COPS become 0,0,Rogers Wireless, 7

I really need to keep the 1 active as I want to ensure the system will not look for other carrier.


First, use firmware 3.215beta3. May not relate to your issue but it solves a problem that the modem config is not consistant after each boot.

Second, after you use AT command to change config on the modem, use the following AT command to save this settting to the modem.

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thanks will try this later today !