GL-X750 limit data usage on Mobile plan?

I am considering purchasing the GL-X750. But is there a way in the interface or app to limit the data consumption per device per day?
I will have a data plan (e.g. 15Gif per month) and two young kids using the internet via 4G, but I want to allocate certain daily limits to them (e.g. 2 Gig per day) to prevent me from using more data than I have in my data plan.
Are there settings that allow me to do this?

Such a feature isn’t available, unfortunately.

There might be possibilities to script it yourself, but this will require manual afford.
(Something like this: Total Download and Upload Data Limit - #5 by cliffordanup - Installing and Using OpenWrt - OpenWrt Forum or this )

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Ah, I see. It’s a pity that the manufacturer isn’t offering something out of the box, especially since data consumption is always a challenge with Mobile data plans.
I will have a look at the references that you provided, but I’m an old geezer, so programming is not really my thing …