GL-x750 Modem Reset

Seems like I have to do a “Modem Reset” everyday or the speeds will be really bad (0.5 down). After the reset everything is back to normal.

Any idea why this is now necessary?

Also, would like to know what exactly is the Modem Reset doing?

Screenshot 2022-07-23 073016

The reset actually reboot the modem.

Can you let me know what is the modem model, carrier and the speeds before and after reset?

About 0.5 down/10 up before and usually 20 down/10 up after.

The reset does not seem to reboot the modem. When I reboot the modem it restarts. When I Reset the modem does not shut off.

Can you try the snapshot after July 31

Added some AT command to reset the modem when you click “reset modem” from the UI.

Also try set the ttl=65 and mtu=1428 for the modem config to see if it works better.