GL-X750 power by powerbank

Can one power GL-X750 by powerbank ?
If so, is it via USB port or does one need to use Power port?
My AUKEY PB-Y-3 has an output port providing 12V/1.5A,
which is same as GL-X750’s power adapter.

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You will need an apprpriate cable to connect to the barrel connector on your X750.

The correct size is: 4.0mm*1.7mm

An appropriate cable with the correct barrel end should be able to be found on ebay and probably a good local electronics store .

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Unfortunately the USB port that the AUKEY PB-Y-3 will only output 12V when there is a compatible Quickcharge 3.0 device on the other end. There is a negotiation stage. If you skip that, then the port only outputs legacy power, only 5V.

A hack you can do is get a Quickcharge 3.0 trigger. It’s a small USB device that looks like a usb tester, that you plug in between the powerbank and the device you want to get 12V.

Unfortunately the one i use is not made anymore, but this one is a cheap trigger only device:

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@limbot @Johnex thanks for reply !
Ok now suppose I find some powerbank 12V/1.5A, would I need to use Power port?
(I believe USB is 5V but I am not sure)
(sorry @limbot, I had not read yoou reply :roll_eyes:)

If you find a powerbank that has a 12V output port then you wouldn’t need anything else, just the cable. Like so:

But using the Quickcharge trigger you can use your AUKEY.

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thanks all for kind help

You would put the Quickcharge trigger in the yellow AUKEY usb port. Then from the trigger you would use a cable like @limbot suggested, but it would be USB to barrel, he posted the dimensions, 4.0mm x 1.7mm

So like this:

Just make sure the polarity is correct on the cable.

@limbot Is the original plug for the x750 center pin positive?