Gl-x750 random restarts following v4.0 upgrade

Hi excellent people

My gl-x750 is perfect and I’m digging the improved UI but the router seems to randomly crash and restart.
I’ve no idea why and there are no logs for the crash :slightly_frowning_face:
The only thing I’m doing on the router is VPN, 3x wifi and DNS so I’m not hammering the device…


  1. Is this known/normal
  2. Is there a workaround (reboot the router every X hours)
  3. What unused programs can I uninstall to make this better?



Is the power a normal one? Do you insert any external USB device?

With all respect to @hansome, it could be software, but equally, it might be the power supply failing or of not a high enough rating. If it were me, I would change the power supply to a different one that is powerful enough the supply the Router just to test it out, it is the easiest option. :wink:

I did run V4.3.6 on my X750 for a month or so and had openVPN, 2xWiFi and also Extroot installed for access to an SD Card. Never had it fail on me.


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Ive been using the supplied psu and i have no external devices attached

If you kept settings, suggest that you do a firmware reset.

What do you mean 3x wifi?

3x means that there are three wifi networks

The crashes are becoming more frequent

I’ve noticed in LUCI, that some packages can be updated … I’ve only got gli-net sources … should i do this … might it resolve some issues?

Not recommended to update.

Can you run command:

logread -f

and wait to check what’s going on before system crash.

By the way, do you try reset firmware?