GL-X750 + Sierra Wireless MC7455

I have changed the EP-06-E to a Sierra Wireless MC7455 module with the original software. The device shows me the right network, has a connection, but no data comes. I have tried a second GL-X750 with GoldenOrb with the same module - no problem, it runs out of the box. It seems that the MC7455 doesn’t get the right APN. Has anybody a solution for this problem ? I like to work with the original software…

Only for curiosity. Why did you switch to Sierra MC7455? They are both Cat6 I think.

Edit: May be for that? Coverage for the Americas and EMEA on a single card and cat6?

The MC7455 I can use all over the world, the EP06-E only in Europe. And the MC7455 brings around 10-20% more speed…

OK, thank you. :+1: :+1:

Cannot the APN be set in the UI?