Gl-x750 Sim not registered

I have a GL-X750 split router with a T-mobile hotspot SIM. The unit worked fine for about 2 weeks with no issues. When I put the sim in that I ordered from T-mobile it Started working right away. After about 2 weeks the internet connection was lost. When I log into the GUI of the router it tells me the sim is not registered. It is a brand new sim and still has plenty of data left on the account.

I have tried to AT command AT+QPRTPARA=3 with no luck. I updated the firmware in the modem to the newest firmware from the GL website. Manually changed bands between 12 and 66 as those are the bands on my nearest tower. Verified the APN was correct When I run the AT command to check signal it says ok. I also have a directional exterior antenna to boost signal strength which was working great before the sim showed unregistered. I disconnected the exterior antenna and put the OEM ones back on.

I have T-mobile as our cell phone carrier as well and have good signal with good speedtest in our house off our phones. I have called T-mobile several times and they assure me that the sim card is activated and everything is good on their end (If this is true I don’t know).

Any help will be appreciated. I looked at the other posts on this subject and all seem to be over a year old with no actual solution. Thanks in advance.

Can you pm your modem model and IMEI? Just send a screenshot of the modem status page is fine.

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Tried to pm you and it said I couldn’t pm this user.

I am contacting Quectel to see if they can help. Sent an email to you from support system.

Is Quectel the company that developed the software? I’m on the verge of trying to return this router and getting a different brand, but I don’t want to run into the same problem because they share software developers. Has anyone had this problem and changed router manufacturers and hasn’t had a problem since ?

The modem actually has its own firmware and is in charge of the connection.

So this is the fix that worked for me for anyone having this problem. I had to call T-Mobile and change the plan on the sim card from a mobile hotspot to a voice line with hotspot data option on the plan. As soon as I did that the sim showed activated. When the sim card had the hotspot profile on it the sim would not activate.

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Thanks. This is great.

I just got my simcard (5G) from T-mobile and have the same issue. I’ll follow the step you took and will call them first thing in the morning. I just wanted to ask if you had to change anything on the Device or APN etc?