GL-X750 (Spitz) approaching end-of-life on AT&T

Today I received an email from AT&T providing advanced notice that my GL-X750 will be disconnected from the cellular network on February 22 as they transition away from 3G to expand their 4G/5G spectrum. They had vaguely warned about this for the past several months, only saying that the transition would begin in February and my equipment may be impacted.

Given the definite deadline we are now facing only slightly more than a month away, is GL.iNet actively working this issue? Awhile back, I know they claimed to have resolved the problem of AT&T identifying the GL-X750 as an IoT 3G device by updating the firmware. However, it seemed another issue popped up in its place that still prevented the Spitz from exceeding 3G speeds.

Just some reassurance that GL.iNet is aware of the problem and does not intend to let our routers turn into bricks next month would be appreciated.

thanks for reporting this.

Firmware 3.211 have fixed the technical issues related to 3G.

We need to confirm with AT&T.

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Cah you send that email to me?

I just received the same message today on a line and GL-X750v2 device that is six months old
This from a text from ATT:
Hi, it’s AT&T. We’re saying goodbye to our 3G network Feb. 22, 2022, and bringing you access to our upgraded network. To keep using your AT&T service, your device on a line ending in 3793 needs to be replaced or your line will be disconnected about one month after shutdown.

I just logged in and am now applying the 3.211 update.

We have talked with AT&T about the problem. But their anouncement is always very vague.

We have applied the fix so that the device will keep registerred ot 4G network. We will monitor if everything goes fine after Feb 22.

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Just an update. A couple of weeks ago, I updated the router to the 3.211 firmware. The connection speeds didn’t seem to change, and I still kept receiving the nagging warning message about the Feb 22 3G sunset message in my AT&T online account. Feb 22 came and went with no difference in the internet behavior, so I was hopeful that maybe this whole situation had been an unfounded fear.

Unfortunately, night before last, my internet connection went down. I checked my AT&T account and this single line (out of a multi-line family plan) had been suspended. I spoke with customer support on the phone and they were adamant this device’s SIM was not going to be supported by the ongoing network upgrades. (These lower level tech support folks don’t understand the technical explanation that the router is connecting to a 4G tower vs 3G. All they know is what their system tells them when they enter my SIM number.)

AT&T is sending me a free phone in the mail that I’ll try to tether with while I attempt to figure out an acceptable solution with the Spitz. I have no idea if other GL-X750’s have been affected yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if AT&T slowly starts removing them from the network over time. I hope the team at GL.iNet will continue to investigate this issue and work to find a solution before even more people are impacted.

Thanks for your report.

Recently we tested some SIM from AT&T and they are making it very difficult.

  • IoT SIM card can be used without any problem.
  • Voice & Data sim which is used in phone cannot be used.
  • Data only SIM need to lock IMEI. If you change the IMEI to the same that your registerred in AT&T it works.

Still trying to understand what is exactly happening.

I the worst-case scenario, does GL-iNet offer an alternative 4G module (Quectel or other brand) that can replace the current module? Will the EP06-A work?

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

It is not about the modem model, it is about the AT&T network.

I thought a different modem model would have a different IMEI that would be accepted by AT&T.

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

I see that Amazon in both U.S. and Canada are at least advertising the GL-X750 for IoT Data Plans ONLY with AT&T:

GL-X750 is advertised as T-Mobile ONLY:

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

Unfortunately, we have a lot of X750V2, and almost all of them fail on ATT. They suspend us, we can call and they can unblock it, but within an hour or two, it’s blocked again. It seems to come down to the IMEI number, a couple work for us without issue, but most of them are blocked. I check this site and if the IMEI query returns 4G network information, it will work, but if 4G network information is missing, then ATT will block it.

For instance, IMEI 866834040934742 works
and IMEI 358511020003483 get’s blocked, they are the exact same X750v2 with EC25AF radio.

From what I can tell, I’m guessing Quectel needs to call ATT and tell them to put their IMEI’s on the whitelist, right?

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Did you ever get a solution for this problem with your d750v1’s getting blocked? I was considering getting one but I don’t want to have to constantly deal with the same problem. Sounds like a nightmare!

The solution I ultimately came to was manually changing the IMEI of the router to that of an acceptable device. I had an old smartphone lying around that I wasn’t ever going to use again, and adopted that IMEI for the router. Been going nearly a year with no issues. (Just make sure the phone is not too old, such that it was impacted by the ATT 3G shutdown or else you will have the same problem.)


Thank you very much for the update!

Yeah, things are much better now than they were. Basically I found that if I change the SIM on the X750 to another SIM, that’s when the ATT system seems to reject the connection. I found that if I factory reset the router or reinstall the firmware, then install the SIM, it will work, but something seems to happen if you change SIMS and basically it probably won’t work again until another factory reset. I also tested the same SIMs on a Netgear Nighthawk hotspot device and on that device and the same exact SIMs, it always connects to ATT regardless of how many times I swap the SIMS. So, basically I think there is a bug in the X750 firmware that needs to be fixed. But for me, I now just reset the X750 to factory defaults if I need to change the SIM and that seems to work. Also, it’s the same exact problem with X750 V1 vs V2.

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Thank you very much for the update and insight!