GL-X750 Spitz Data Usage Monitoring


I just recently picked up a GL-X750 Spitz V2, and it is working great with a data SIM I got when I arrived in my country of holiday.

One thing I’d like to be able to do on the device is track the data usage continuously, even if the mobile connection drops and the Upload/Download resets here:

Is there any package that anybody knows that has this functionality already (I haven’t had much luck trying to find one) or could somebody tell me where the values for Upload/Download in the screenshot are tracked/stored in the file system so I can maybe write a script to track it myself and forward an alert via Telegram?


The problem with such features is that they are not accurate enough, and the traffic detected by the device differs greatly from the operator’s traffic.

Ok, I see. Then how exactly is the webUI getting that upload and download value? I understand it is making an API call to

retrieve the info to display on the UI but I am interested in how and where is collected when the modem connects to a provider. If you are able to share that information, of course.