GL-X750 Spitz + EP06-A | Cannot select /dev/ttyUSB2

Hi All,

I have a GL-X750 Spitz where I’m trying to get working with Visible/Verizon. I was initially having issues getting it to connect but finally got it to connect with /dev/ttyUSB2, albeit at low speeds. So I started tinkering around, and now I can no longer go back to /dev/ttyUSB2. I get a “device busy” error when attempting to select it. /dev/ttyUSB3 works, but it’s dreadfully slow. ttyUSB3 is even much slower than ttyUSB2. I searched for answers on how to get back to /dev/ttyUSB2, but came up empty handed.

I can still send AT commands just fine to /dev/ttyUSB2. I just can’t select it. Thanks for any help in advance.


ttyUSB2 is generally used for AT command and ttyUSB3 is used for data.

It is possible to use ttyUSB2 as data and ttyUSB3 as AT command but I think this is not the default config. Seems some program locked the port.

Maybe just power cycle the device or modem?