GL-X750 Spitz faster than cat 6?

Is it possible to use a modem that is faster than cat-6 in this device? Or will there be a hardware bottleneck somewhere?

More antenna ports are needed, the X750 has only two

Should still be able to do 2x2 though, right?

In other words, you could use a Cat-12 modem and maybe get faster than Cat-6, but not full Cat-12?

Without testing it is hard to say. The higher cat modules are also usually higher quality and more sensitive, so would perform better (hopefully) even with the same antennas.

On the Mifi just changing to the EP06 modules made everything faster and the signal was better, with the same antennas.

Well I’d like to upgrade eventually to get some bands that the Quectel modems don’t support…

Any issues with using a mini PCIe to M.2 adapter here?

We tested Sierra modem and the speed is compatible.

On this device, the max speed we see will not exceed 80Mbps. Maybe it is bottleneck of USB2.0.

Can you comment on which specific m.2 adapter you used in your testing?

We don’t use m2. It is still PCIe modules from Sierra. MC7455

GL hasn’t tested any M.2 modules only mPCI-E. If you do use a module with an adapter, remember the module should support communication with the module via usb, as that is what the Mifi, Spitz and the newer routers support.

That makes sense.

alzhao said his/her max speed was 80mbps, but USB 2.0 is 480mbps (without overhead) so the bus should handle well over 80… Maybe just the network environment alzhao happened to be in?

The cat-6 modules that ship with Spitz are technically capable of 300 down.

That are the specs. Real world testing data is much smaller.

Exactly. The USB2.0 can do 400mbit, but that is not the case for the Quectel modems. For various reasons, they can only do around 80mbit/s in real life. Modems from other brands might perform better. Alfie says they have been testing Sierra modems that are more expensive, sometimes double.

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@luochongjun … When is the new X750 v2 coming to market? What will be the hardware improvements with the new model?