GL-X750 Spitz: Prefer Mobile


I’m using the GL-X750 Spitz in a very satisfactory way with an ethernet or repeater connection and also a mobile data card.

One thing I would like to have more flexibility for, sometimes the ethernet or repeater connection is a bit flaky and I would like to use the mobile internet first, only reverting to ethernet or repeater when the mobile data sim connection is offline. Currently, the behavior is the opposite: ethernet or repeater is used, even when the connection is flaky, only reverting to mobile data sim connection when there is no alternative connection at all.

Is this possible to accomplish?

Thanks! Carlo

Have you looked at the Multi-WAN looking specifically at adjusting some of the settings related to Sensitivity Options and Multi-WAN methods. I believe this is available for the GL-X750 (Spitz) and may assist with solving your problems. I don’t have that model, just going off the support documentation.

Thank you, that was quick! I don’t believe my model has that particular functionality, at least it is not obvious on the left hand menus, or sub-menus. Might there be an installable plugin that could allow configuring this, and possibly also sensitivity of network quality, as mentioned in the manual? Thanks!

Apologies, it looks like that model doesn’t have the functionality. There might be some configuration available via LuCI. But at least knowing Sensitivity Options and Multi-WAN methods is what you need to look at may refine any searches. Have you also tried looking at the OpenWrt Forum to see if anyone has posted there, another resource is Reddit. It might be worth at attacking this from multple directions. Sorry I don’t have a solution, but at least I can point at what you should look for.

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