GL-X750 Spitz - SNMP monitoring?


I’d like to configure my Spitz to be polled over SNMP by my monitoring solution, PRTG from the local wireless subnet.

The Spitz is running firmware LuCI openwrt-18.06 / OpenWRT 18.06.1.

I’ve found on some OpenWRT forums that I can use mini_snmpd however after installing it I can’t add any interfaces, or CPU, RAM sensors. The mini_snmp configuration is default and the daemon has been started and enabled. Paessler’s SNMP tester shows no response from the Spitz when trying to query it using udp/161, community: public, and SNMPv1.

Has anyone configured SNMP monitoring on an GL device? I’m sure the concept is the same so want to see where I’m going wrong.


We have no SNMP application, you can refer to the official guidance of Openwrt

@luochongjun is there likely to be an SNMP application or a way to monitor these devices remotely other than using the GL Cloud? I am using Zabbix to monitor all my various devices, some integration with this would be highly appreciated.

On my b1300 :

opkg update
opkg install snmpd
/etc/init.d/snmpd start   # will auto-start on boot by default

Done. Salt (edit /etc/config/snmpd or firewall config) to taste.