GL-X750 Spitz - Version 4 firmware

I noticed in the last week or so that suddenly under the “Stable” category for firmware for the GL-X750 that there is now a version 4 option. GL.iNet download center

I was reluctant to install it because when I tried downloading it and doing a Local Upgrade I got the following warning:

“The uploaded firmware is older than the current firmware or is a 3rd-party firmware. It make break the router due to hardware incompatibility. You are also suggested to NOT keep settings.”

That shouldn’t be the case since I’m currently running v3.104-3.217. Any ideas what’s happening? Is this really the stable version of v4? There never was a RC version so it seems odd this one just appeared.

This topic is pretty common here in the forums.

I am sure that it’s just some validation error because of switching from 3.x to 4.x
Just upgrade using the image and see what happens. Don’t forget that you can’t keep your settings!

That is indeed true, ignore that message it is because the firmware is completely different than the other.

Though with such big changes i would not use this normal path for upgrading unless its 100% verified it works without breaking and then i would encourage not to keep settings :slight_smile:

What i normally do is doing such procedure in uboot you can find that via the debricking guide.

That way the chance you accidentally brick your device is reduced to minimal :+1::wink:

Thanks for the replies! @xize11 that makes sense, good idea! As this release is showing up suddenly in the “Stable” category it should indeed be 100% non-bricking though I’d say. This is not a beta version. But I’d like to hear from someone GL-iNet officially that this truly is a stable release version before I give it a go. So I might have to contact support directly I guess…

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I’ve benn using 4.3.7-1222 (same build number as the stable release) downloaded from snapshots some weeks ago with no problems.

I followed the Debricking Guide too. I read it several times before realising that it clear that the upgrade path is to be done via the Uboot method for this device. Make sure you use the IP address as shown in the video. I thought you could put any IP in that range and it would work. NO. Only that one!
Got it up and working with 4.3.7-1222-1703, but disappointed that there is so little memory in the router, you can not load some plugins. Onwards we go.

There seems to be a problem with the Spitz and Puli (and maybe others) firmware versions and filenames. 4.3.7 was both the version and in the file name for both recently, but now they have changed.

Spitz latest stable
Version: 4.0-release70307
File name: openwrt-x750-tor-3.105.bin

Puli latest stable
Version: 4.0-release70307
File name: openwrt-xe300-4.0-release70307-1222-1703233794.tar

Is anyone else seeing this?

@alzhao Seems that some deployment has an issue here, could you please take a look into the post from @gladly (it’s 1 above this)

Today is really not a lucky day.

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The version names and download files and file names are still different from what they were when firmware 4.3.7 stable was released for Spitz and Puli a few weeks ago. Is it not fixed yet or is this deliberate change?

Before the recent change they were as follows:

Version 4.3.7
Download file: openwrt-x750-4.3.7-1222-1703233128.bin

Version: 4.3.7
Download file: openwrt-xe300-4.3.7-1222-1703233794.tar

The file name and version should be xxxx-4.0-release70307-xxxx
It seems correct from my side.

For some reason, the version name for 4G routers are a little different. But we will update to the same as 4.3.7 etc. later.

Regarding the version and file names, you can decide as you please. I just noticed that, apart from the file for Spitz being the old 3.105 for some time, at first the latest stable files were actually 4.3.7 for Spitz and Puli and now they changed to 4.0-release70307.

BUT MORE IMPORTANT right now, it looks like the latest stable Puli uboot .img firmware file has a different sha256 hash than the one stated on the download page. I think the Puli .tar file as well as the Spitz file are ok. I haven’t checked all the other routers.