GL-X750 Spitz with EP06-A and AT&T sim doesn't work

GL-X750 Spitz with EP06-A and AT&T sim doesn’t work.
It shows “SIM card not registered”. What did I do wrong if buying the router wasn’t wrong?


WoW. It worked. My mistake I didn’t connect antennas so it couldn’t register SIM in network.
Another thing I did was enabling GPS with
AT+QGPS=1 but I think it’s irrelevant because by NMEA sentences it produces on
/dev/ttyUSB1 I see that it still didn’t find geo-location fix.


Couple of quick tips with ATT

If the SIM card is a pre-paid SIM bought at the store, it might need to be activated - follow the instructions in the SIM kit there.

AT&T uses the “broadband” APN for data access, and make sure to select IPV4/IPV6 - there is no username/password needed, as the SIM card authenticates to the network.

Antenna’s are connected to the Main and Diversity LTE radios, the GNSS is not connected.

If you connect a passive GNSS antenna you can get the GNSS to work…

how do you you setup the ipv4/ipv6 and set diversity to lte radios