GL X750 spitz (Zigbee)

Hi all,

I’m trying to setup my GL X750 as a zigbee network coordinator with no luck yet… There is anybody here that manage to build a custom application using zigbee? My target is to build a custom zigbee network coordinador that will forward the zigbee messages to my local server.

Thanks in advance

The default shipment is a Bluetooth module.
Please check and see more info Zigbee on Spitz? - #9 by badhir99.

Yes, I’m sure that my device is a Zigbee one.
Also I have read that post and I did check the git page. But for me this is not enough for someone to setup a Zigbee network. It only provides a command-line interface, I’m not seeing how can I setup manage and maintain a network based on that. Seems that the Zigbee is not ready or doesn’t have any support or warranty. (263.4 KB)
Hi, this is a document that has not yet been opened, you can refer to it.

Hi Lancer,

Thanks for your affords! I already saw this document on the git page (GitHub - gl-inet/ble2mqtt: BLE 2 MQTT bridge on GL.iNet IoT gateway). But for me, this document is not enough… for instance, how can I set a callback on message received?