Zigbee on Spitz?

The module needs a zigbee firmware which could only be flashed in factory.

Did you get a module comes with zigbee firmware?

I paid the extra $10 for Zigbee, I didn’t open it to look to see if I actually got it

I see. I will let others to have a look.


I bought the same router model with Zigbee option. How to get it working? Rest of the router functionality works fine but I dont see any Zigbee configuration option in admin panel neither see any Zigbee signals after sniffing the traffic.

Please help.


when you buy Zigbee, guys should already told you that Zigbee tool is still underdevelopment.

But it should be usable now. I will let guys contact you and send you the package.

Ok. We will get in touch with the GL team. As you said hope it is stable and usable now. Thats what being told to us while purchasing.


Also, would be great to know the Zigbee firmware version since there are multiple of them.


I’m the zigbee engineer. You have to install a package for zigbee before using it.
The package and user guide is here.

And the zigbee module support version Zigbee 3.0, compatible with these Zigbee profiles:

Hi Yao,

Thanks for the package!
I still have some questions regarding this, I did install the package (spitz x750), it just offers a command-line interface. I would like to start receiving Zigbee messages and then do some custom code to dispatch them to my server. There is any C or C++ API to interact with the Zigbee layer? Or there is a way to set my custom package to consume the messages from the Zigbee IPK (callback or something)?


I would also like some more info about this.
@yao could you please help us ?
Maybe an example program/script would be nice:

How to create a network, add devices and then handle the messages using zigbee2mqtt.

Hi guys. Sorry that reply so late.
We have noticed this problem and we were busy in developing a new version compatible with C/C++ API and shell script.
The zigbee module comes from silicon labs. Its zigbee driver called “EZSP” is a little complicated,we were wrapping a simpler interface for it. More info in https://www.silabs.com/.
A beta version is under testing. And may released in late January or early February.
Thank you for your supporting.

Cool. So we will be waiting :slight_smile:
I would be happy to beta test it. My goal is to use Covexa S as a hub, and connect some Xiaomi sensors and switches to it.

Also, can you tell us if the zigbee module is connected via UART or SPI ? Is there a difference on the Spitz and Covexa S how its connected?

We will do provide a zigbee tool compatible with C/C++ API and shell script. You can use it to create a network, add devices or something else. But considering now we have no cooperation with Xiaomi, we can not provide any info about how to interact with Xiaomi’s devices. You have to do this by yourself.

In Covexa S, zigbee module use SPI, and Spitz uses UART. While , it doesn’t matter in software developing. We block the difference in the driver layer. The C/C++ API and shell script commands are all the same both in Covexa S and Spitz .

Hi Yao,

Do you have any news for us? Looking forward to try this new API.

Any updates? Looking to buy X750 with Zigbee but don’t have enough info if it really works now

Sorry about that.
Due to the COVID-19, we postponed the zigbee SDK launch plan to late April or early May.
While we will lanch the BLE SDK next week first.

BLE SDK is ready here GitHub - gl-inet/bletool.
Zigbee SDK is under developing and will be released soon.

Its been a few months since we last heard about the new Zigbee support.
@yao any news on this?

There are some good progress in development.

Still need time to release.

Any updates? It’s already 3 months since “good progress”)