GL-X750 Upgrade from EC25-AF to EP06-A (or MC7455) worth it?

Currently using a GL-X750 with an EC25-AF and getting about 18Mbps down with Tmobile.

Is it worth the upgrade to an EP06-A(or MC7455)? Would I potentially double my speed with CA?

Are there any US vendors that have it in stock?

Yes, it’s possible, also I upgraded my X750 to a more powerful modem (Telit LM940, Class11), I have some issues (power consumption, is a QMI “raw-IP” device, I need to “patch” de system to get IP on the interface, no works well with PPP-3g, etc) but I get faster speeds than a Class6 modem.
With the Class6 I got between 30/40Mbps with Verizon, with the class 11 (support Carrier Aggregation in 2 bands) I got 70/40 with Verizon and 80/40 on AT&T.
also, for my experience (Miami), T-Mobile performs worse than other operators with all modems that I tried.

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EP06-A arriving next week. Any tips on the modem swap?


Be very careful with the UFL anteanne connectors taking the old ones off and the new ones on. They are very delicate (don’t ask how I know :slight_smile:)

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Yes, don’t use any tools to remove the u.FL connectors, use fingers and nails only. Even a plastic tool might have too much leverage and pop the connector off the board.

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Thank you for the Wisdom!

I will not cut my nails for a few days and let you know how it goes next week.

I was able to successfully swap the EC06-A and yes those antenna connectors are a pain!

Sadly, the T-mobile tower near where I am now(small town in New Mexico) only supports CA on B2 +B12 and B12 is DSL slooooow, so B4 or B66 without CA is still faster.

I did get CA working briefly with Visible, but Visible in general is inconsistent.

Will test again when I get back to Austin, TX and possibly on the way back since I have an inverter in my truck.