GL-X750 Using In japan

Dear sir
Can GL-X750 be used in japan ? I have a GL-XE300 it is worked good ,but the battery is a problem, So I want use GL-750 and use softbank and docomo sim ,kddi sim card.
And can you tell me how to buy a GL-X750 ?

you'rs tei

GL official store website can be bought, please select the EP06-E module.
Not all Japan operator frequency bands are supported, but it is also can be used in Japan.

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Dear Bruce
It is good to know X750 can use in japan. But I want to sure dose X750 can use japanese sim card . I have a 4G rout , It can't use japanese sim card ,but can use chinese sim card using in japan . I don't want make same mistake .
your's tei

It depends on the SIM card. If you carrier does not allow the SIM to use on other devices, then you cannot use. Generally you can try change the IMEI to the same as your phone and adjust ttl to 64 and test. But cannot promise that this will work.

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Thank you,Dose GL_X750 can change IMEI ?
Do you use same MODEM with GL_XE300?

We use the same modems across our models. Just make sure you choose the EP06-E modem.