GL-X750 V2 Force 4G Modem to Start on Boot

Is there a way to force the 4G modem to start on boot if its been disconnected in the GUI on the GL-X750 v2, I am finding that if the modem Disconnect Button gets pressed in the GUI it doesn’t restart on a power cycle.

I need to have this router in a remote setup and need to ensure the 4G modem comes up when doing a remote power cycle, once the disconnect button has been pressed the only way I can get the modem back online is by pressing Auto Setup in the GUI which won’t be possible to do when its remote mounted as I won’t be able to connect to it without the modem online.

I found in the modem-init script that as the x750 wasn’t listed in the case statement it only gets sent command gl_modem thermal which returns thermal setting failed it was never being sent the gl_modem connect-auto command to force it to connect it.

I modified the modem-init script as below to include the x750 and commented out the thermal command and it now seems to bring the 4G connection up on startup as I would expect it to.


	local bus="$1"
	[ -z "$bus" ] && return 1
	local iface=modem_"$(echo "$bus"|sed 's/-/_/g')"
	[ -z "$(uci -q  get  network.$iface)" ] && {
		gl_modem -B "$bus" connect-auto &

	. /lib/functions/
	case "$model" in
			modem_auto_connect "1-1.2"
	#gl_modem thermal
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I don’t think it should be this complicated.

Maybe just check /etc/config/network to find out if the modem interface as “option disabled 1” and remove it.