GL-X750: VPN on the computer in addition to a VPN connection on the router

Hi community,

I have a rather specific question and that is that I need to connect “virtually” from my home network to an IPsec VPN via an LTE router when I am on the road. The endpoint that connects to the target VPN must be my public IP from my home network.

Windows notebook (IPSec client) ↔ LTE router ↔ home network ↔ target VPN host

As a rookie, I imagine this as follows:
I have a Fritz!Box 7490 at home and I get a GL-X750 for on the road. I connect the notebook to the GL-X750 and connect to the VPN destination as normal. The IP that connects to the target VPN host is the public IP address of my ISP at home?

Does that work?

Many thanks for your opinions and suggestions!


@eicosan: Will be more easy to use WireGuard. Here is guidance from AVM, and hope your model is running Fritz!OS 7.50.

  • The other router must obtain either an IPv6 address or a public IPv4 address from the internet service provider. The FRITZ!Box must obtain an IP address with the same protocol version (IPv4 or IPv6).

Otherwise you can do it with a FB6820, despite being CAT4 (v3) you will have at least same connection speed, even better if you have good LTE connection. This is the easiest way to connect two FritzBoxes - IPSec.

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