GL-X750 with PCI-E to M.2 adapter

Hi all,
I like to use the GL-X750 with a M.2 module like EM12 or EM7655. It is no problem with GoldenOrb, but I like to use the original software. Any idea which plugin I have to add to the original firmware that it can manage the adapter ?
Best regards for any help !

Sorry I don’t have this information. I guess there is a USB ID need to add.

Let’s say it with other words. If I install the actual version of openwrt or goldenorb the EM12 with adapter runs immediately. If I use the original firmware of Gl.inet the firmware doesn’t find the module. What I have to do that the firmware can find the EM12 module with adapter? In an older post I have read that a driver is nessesary but not which driver.

First need to get the USB ID of the module, then may need to modify the kernel and recompile it.

Can you give the log when you insert t he module? ssh to the router and use logread and dmesg to get the log.

Did you figure out how to get m.2 works on x750. Will appreciate if you could help point me to the right direction