Gl-x750 with Starlink

I have a Spitz router that I am trying to use with Starlink. I am using it as a 12v conversion. I cannot seem to get the router to connect with the Starlink antenna. The admin page says the router is searching for a SIM card. Are there any settings I can modify to have it link to Starlink and bypass the SIM card piece? Any other settings I need to change to get this to work? Thanks in advance

You can omit the SIM card part. Did you use the Ethernet cable connect the router to Startlink?

Does the UI show anything in the Ethernet status?

You don't need a SIM card for Spitz router to work with Starlink. It uses the Ethernet port.

  • Check if you have the Starlink Ethernet Adapter connected to the Spitz router's WAN port.
  • Spitz router might be pre-configured for SIM card. Look for settings related to WAN or internet connection and choose "Ethernet" instead of "SIM" (exact wording might differ).

Thank you. Where do I find the settings that allow me to toggle to Ethernet and not SIM?

Thank you!

Thank you. Is there something in the admin settings that allows me to toggle to Ethernet rather than SIM?

It should be automatic.

The cable from star link should go to the WAN port of Spitz.

Pls export the log which should contain the status of cable connection.