GL-X750Spitz - Luci unsaved changes

I have upgraded to the latest firmware and I am having problems with accessing the router over ssh. and when making changes with Luci nothing is saved of changed.
I do not seem to be able to save any changes made in Luci at all
Ssh keys gives unspecified error all the time.
I have the unsaved changes in the top righthand corner which never goes away no mater how many times I press ‘save and apply’.
Is there any other way of accessing the router?

Do you have a screen of this error?

I have and id_rsa files in .ssh folder.
What kind of encryption is used?
Perhaps the type the raspberrypi OS creates is the wrong type??

Also showing is the unsaved changes, which never changes?

So it does not work when you copy the content of the file into the input field?

In any case you should be able to connect by SSH as root without key then.

Sadly NO. I get Permission denied (public key,password)
I cannot turn off password in Luci. I get unsaved changes

Go for some reset then, since there seems to be an error.

From which version did you upgrade to what version?

It came with an early version of 3.2 so I upgraded via uboot to version 4 stable.
The router works OK (I am working through it now) , but I would like to set up vpn, sharing, ssh, and just cannot access the router to change anything
Will try and re-install.
Thanks for your time

Hope you read the disclaimer for 3.x → 4.x so you did not keep your settings?

yes. at the time I didn’t have any settings to save. It was as it came out of the box.

Maybe something break during the upgrade. Can happen. Try an reset and if this does not work, go for uboot: Debrick via Uboot - GL.iNet Router Docs 4

That should totally fix it.

That’s what I am going to do. Take it right back to zero.

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