GL-X750V2 4G SPITZ Antennas Location Questions

Can anyone tell me what antenna connections do what on this board in the X750

When I choose internet source and scan the available Wifi networks, I see the network I need but the signal is low.

I bought a higher IPEX 8dbi antenna and attached it to the IPEX port on the end for the WIFI. I’m not sure it made any difference.

I am trying to boost the signal that the router receives from another Wifi for the Wifi internet into the spitz router, and the 4g is a backup.

The internal antenna is for 5G wifi.

The two PCB antenna is for 2.4G. But the connector is not uFL. It is for radio calibration. So you cannot connect antenna on that without hardware modification.

I am getting wifi from main wifi router to the x750. If I connect a higher gain antenna to the internal 5ghz connector will it help the x750 receiver a stronger signal from the main router.

I was looking at this antenna or similar.