GL-X750v2: Adding BT/Zigbee module


I’ve just bought the GL-X750v2. I have a version without BT, as I ordered it in UK, there is no version with BT to be sold. Importing from US would have been much more expensive and long.

I was dreaming if it would be possible to have the GL-EFR32S/GL-EFR32H sold someday as a standalone module, so we can solder it on non-BT version. Would there be any config to activate it in the firmware?

Just adding the topic as it seems complicated to have support to have this available. But maybe there are a few of us who’d like that!

Do you have any IoT applications using BLE?

Actually we are actively working on Zigbee these days.

Actually I have a few STM32 BLE modules from my own design… I usually use them directly from my phone.

But it’d make more sense to have Zigbee integrated on the router… There are far better looking modules available on the market that what I use.

Zigbee modules are not sold anywhere though (just checking amazon and, so I thought they wouldn’t be actively maintained.

It seems that in the current architecture, it’s not possible to switch BTLE/Zigbee (doc in GitHub - gl-inet/ble2mqtt: BLE 2 MQTT bridge on GL.iNet IoT gateway)
It would be nice to be able to have the bootloader on the EFR32MG be able to switch the BTLE/Zigbee from the router.

I hope this can be done as well. But not yet possible.

Hope the release the zigbee tools and sdk asap.

Hi @alzhao,

So I received my GL-X750X2, and I had the nice surprise to have the GL-EFR32S on it, even though it is advertised as not included on Customer Questions & Answers

I’ve made a few tests with the factory version 18.06.1, but still haven’t got much working, except that I should have the BT firmware as it recognized some BT MAC.

I’ve quickly upgraded to 19.07.7, but BT was missing from the web UI, so I reverted to 18.06.1 until I understand better.

So I want to set up my smart home environment for the new flat I’ve just moved into in London. Mostly for the boiler, as winter is coming, and gas prices are soaring. So like having 2 room thermostats, 3 thermostatic radiator valves, and a boiler controller.

I’m still not sure if I should invest in BT or ZigBee… I would buy maybe BT/Homekit devices, but they are usually 3x more expensive as Zigbee.

Do you have any recommendations if I’d wanted to make the GL-X750v2 the main gateway? I can code, and I like the idea to have the smart-home gateway run on low-powered OpenWrt.

Would you share the official BT and Zigbee firmwares of GL-EFR32S? Or unofficial, but not sure you can if you need FCC on each radio firmware?
I would try to update it in-circuit unless you’re sure it would fry some other chips there.
Not sure how much it’s a good idea, but I see EFR32MGs supports Multi-Protocol (BT+Zigbee). IT would solve the BT/Zigbee switch issue :smiley:

We are investing heavily on zigbee because zigbee 3.0 is very standard and we can just connect existing sensors and device.

While BLE is not standard and there are fewer devices.

We will release our sdk for zigbee so that you can manage your zigbee sensor and devices locally.

Still don’t know how to solve the zigbee and BLE firmware switch on the air.

Thanks for your replies!

I’ll wait for your SDK and buy some ZigBee devices then.

And I’ll post an unofficial tutorial if I manage to update the firmware properly then :slight_smile:

Maybe sharing the code of the GL-EFR32S would be nice? I guess you don’t do much customization from the Silicon Labs SDK? Or maybe that is just not possible, or add too much noise anyway at this stage…

Unfortunately we don’t have all the source code of the firmware and even we have, it is likely no way to open source it.

@alzhao I am sorry for reviving an old thread, but where can I get information about the BT/ZigBee footprint? I am looking at developing a custom module that is well supported with Linux-WPAN. It may require to have SPI, or preferably USB connection. Thank you.

I need to check the availability. Can you talk to us via email support at about some details?

Alright, an email with brief description and request has been sent with Attn: Alzhao. Thank you.

My colleague replied you. Pls check.

@alzhao I have replied by email, but it looks like those models only have UART interface. Do you, by anychance, could help to recommend any GL-iNet model that has at least SPI interface and IRQ pin? The only thing I need is to test 6LoWPAN kernel module over the interface. Thank you.

Sorry the router interface is already designed. You can only use USB dongle.

@alzhao No worries, I just thought that I could use any GL-iNet model with SPI interface to develop kernel module. But the USB port is more than sufficient for now. Thank you.

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