GL-X750V2 and external antennas

Can the two supplied antennas be screwed off and replace with cables to a larger 4G antenna? If so, what are the connectors?

In fact, are the supplied antennas for 3G/4G reception or for Wi-Fi or both?

Yes you can ,you should consider 2 aspects. 1. The interface type,Just the same with the antennas of the GL-X750. 2. The Frequency band of the antennas,you can chose the 3/4G anntennas in the stores,that would suitable.

No,the Wi-Fi antennas are in the router.The external antennas are just for 3/4G

Ok, and what are the antenna connectors? Looks like BNC, but I prefer to be sure.

The type of the antenna connector is RP-SMA interface and the band of the antenna is full band antenna (700M~2.7GHz). You can chose suitable antennas according to these two aspects.

If you know beforehand that you live in a rural area with access to low bands only, you might want to prefer narrowband low-band (~600-~900) directional antennas. On the other hand, in dense urban area mid-band (~1500-~2700/3500) directional antennas might be a better choice. Wideband antennas have much lower gain, so I’d use them only if it’s RV/car/truck or you really need all bands.

Great, I would suggest adding this information to your product page.

Yes, I happened to know this and it’s very important indeed.

OK,your advice accepted,We will add this information to the product page soon.

I’m so sorry ,I have made a mistake.The type of the antenna connector is SMA interface. Apologize again.
Now these information have been added to the product page.

I was going to say this, i have a couple x750 routers with antennas out there and am using sma cables.
With that being said, i’m struggling to find a good omnidirectional screw mount antenna. Anyone have recommendations for me on specific antennas? For directional i use a waveform pannel antenna and it seems to work well.