Gl-x750v2 - Better Radios?

I’ve been told the reason why my Gl-x750v2 get such slower speeds than my Pixel 5 (LTE) is that it has worse radios. Any truth to that? Is there a recommended card I could install or a preferred USB card I could add?

Your Pixel 5 has a Cat 11 LTE modem inside compared with the Cat 4 or Cat 6 modem inside your X750. Hence in some circumstances you’ll get much higher throughput with your phone than the Spitz.

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Yes, and I’m curious if there’s a different modem card I could put in?

Not yet with the stock Gl.inet firmware. They are apparently working on it. It may work if you flash it with OpenWRT firmware and with the correct packages, and some knowledge of what you are doing. You could probably go up to a Quectel EM12-G if you do flash to OpenWRT…

You probably need a better Router/Modem altogether…

EM12-G is M.2 card while the current Gl.Inet supported cards are mini-pcie so don’t expect to just slot it in and replace the current card.

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Yeah, I should have been more specific. It’s why I did say:

Once you get the hang of it, all is relatively easy.