GL-X750v2 LTE IPv6 LAN routing issue

GL-X750v2 with LTE as IPv6 WAN interface, DHCPv6 client works correctly and public IPv6 address is added to 3g-modem_1_1_2 interface (/64 mask).
LAN devices can get public IPv6 address as well, in the same /64

router has working IPv6, but LAN devices don’t because router is unable to discover IPv6 neighbors sharing the same /64

a workaround is to ping router’s public IPv6 from client, which somehow created an IPv6 neighbor entry for the client on the router.

I guess this is because 2 interfaces in different L3 domains are sharing the same public /64, and on router the /64 has nexthop being lo interface, which breaks neighbor discovery?

Have you tried firmware 3.211 beta2

It should be fixed there GL.iNet download center