GL-X750v2 Newbie ATT Questions

I have already searched the forums and gathered some information but my question is I signed up for the $20 ATT Data only Tablet plan with a Tablet IMEI and they are mailing me a sim card. I just ordered the GL-X750v2 router to use with it. I was wanting to figure out do I need to change the IMEI with the AT Commands on the router to be the IMEI ATT has and if so does it stay permanently. Also what is the latest good firmware for me to use with WIFI access. I have used DDWRT and OpenWRT etc and also do I need to change any ttl settings or not. Thanks in advance.


GL-X750v2 got ATT IoT certificate, you can follow this article to learn how to use the ATT network: How To Set Up AT&T IoT SIM Card On Spitz (GL-X750V2) - GL.iNet

Iā€™m not sure why you need to change IMEI, but the sim card should be ATT IoT data card. If you use normal ATT sim card, you can activate the sim by using your phone. Then, you need to insert the card back to X750v2, and It usually works.

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