GL-X750V2 space issues, WHY?

I HAD to get this modem in order to use Traveldate services. I have had nothing but issues getting file and media share installed and running because of memory issues. I installed a 2gb SIM thinking this would be an easy fix but NOOOO, you need to know how to write code in order to use the SIM card. I have followed all the settings and recommendation found on this forum and nothing is working. I contacted support and they sent me direction thinking that everyone knows how to do this stuff, this is very frustrating and at my wits end. What can I do to address this issue???

I have also routers with only 16Mb Flash memory.

Search exroot /overlay in forum to increase memory or your device with USB stick or SD on firmwares 3.203.

It’s quite easy to solve.


Yes I did and everything I try is not working. I even reformatted the SD to EXt4. point is they should install enough memory to do the basic and not make everyone jump through the hoops

My AR750 with 512Mb USB stick.

not sure how this can help me

GL-X750V2 space issues, WHY?

It has space issues because it only has 16MB NOR flash, for another couple of bucks it could have had 32MB and many of us wouldn’t be having major issues with this router.

Have you set the Mount Point to “Use as external overlay (/overlay)” for Device /dev/sda1 in the Luci GUI? That should allow the micro sd to be used for plugin storage.

My 2 AR750 routers are also only 16Mb, but with a USB or SD memory you can extend this memory and you will have enough memory to install all the plugins you want, look at the images, now I have 469Mb for plugins that I couldn’t install before … I had the same problem as you and I solved it with exroot / overlay

this is what shows’ under mount point

yep, please see attached screen shots, what am I missing?

I used Luci, how would I use exroot / overlay? I am not well versed in this kind of work.


Neither do I, but it’s pretty easy.

You have already inserted USB stick or SD in EXT4 format, (I format it using DiskGenius in windows 10)

  1. Go to Luci>System>Mount Points. Firmware 3.201 or 3.203, before it does not appear in Luci.
  2. Click Add and in General Settings, add the SD card or USB stick, I use the first option, UUID, you can see which it is by the size of your device if you have more than one in your router. I have the 512Mb stick and 2Gb SD NTFS format card (to share files with my whole family). As you can see in previous picture.
  3. In MountPoint below select Use as external overlay (/overlay). Also check Enabled on top but I haven’t checked now and it works fine after reboot.
  4. Save and Save and Apply.
  5. Reboot
    Check in Mount Points that your device is now sdba1 /overlay if SD card or sdb1 /overlay if USB stick inserted.

My 512Mb old USB stick has more than enough space for plugins I need.

Hi David, I did everything like you said and same out come, it looks like it works but under software it still did not show the extra memory. I did a reset on the modem and did not install Luci and was able to install file sharing and media sharing with no space for Luic. I got what I needed done so will leave it as is for now. Thanks for all your help and time, you are much better support then from GL-inet.

Sorry to ear you didn’t accomplish that. You can insist later one day if you are bored and try again. :wink:
I remember now that I had to try more than once to make it work on my 2 AR750.
You are welcome! :+1: :+1: