(GL-X750V2 - Spitz) Network drop issue while streaming/downloading media


I bought a Spitz GL-X750V2 4G router (EU - CAT6) a few days ago and I’m experiencing network drops when I stream something online or download something for a long time. If I’m not doing both everything is fine. The drop is not instant when I’m watching a stream for example, it drops after some time (between 5 and 15 minutes) and I have some buffer issues before the network drops completely. When the drop happen, the physical 4G router indicator turns off after around 30 seconds and comes back up again after a few seconds.

Can anyone tell me how I can fix that or at least get me on the path on how to find what’s doing this?


Can you send one email to support at glinet.biz?

Pls send with screenshot of the modem status page. We can try to upgrade the modem and check.

sir, can i have the instruction to flash my mt2500 to global version.Thank you very much!