GL-X750V2 Voltage Input Range


I want to ideally power the GL-X750V2 off my campervan lithium battery system. Voltages of my battery system range from 11.2V to 14.2. These are the extremes and its usually floating around 13.2V.

What is the GL-X750V2 usable voltage range for on-board voltage regulator?

Thank you.

11.2 - 14.2 should be OK.

Maybe refer here for a similar question.

Is there any confirmation of that? I don’t want to break or shorten the life of the unit.

You could get a 12V buck/boost converter that outputs ~12V no matter what the input voltage is (within limits) if you are worried about it. Might be a little hard to find or require some DIY but they definitely exist.

I was considering that. However if there is already an on board voltage regulator that seems like a waste of time. Can anyone give me a concrete answer on the input voltage limits for the GL-X750V2?