GL-X750V2 won't connect to AT&T

I’ve been having bad performance with Tmobile on the router so I picked up an AT&T sim since the product description said it’s compatible with AT&T, but I can’t get it to connect.

“Internet” in the router settings shows as green, but I can’t get internet. I tried doing the “AT&T network fix” from the docs, but it didn’t work. The doc says to run some commands and then select “broadband” but “broadband” is not an option in the drop-down.

I’ve talked to AT&T customer service and went into the store. The SIM works fine on a Netgear hotpot but isn’t working on the GL-X750V2.

I replied your email. Can I have a check remotely?

Just to follow-up on this. This was an issue with AT&T’s prepaid system when using non-AT&T devices. Basically non-AT&T hotspots were blocked by AT&T. This would have likely worked with a postpaid account with AT&T from the start. As of today though the issue is fixed and I’m getting internet on my X750V2 using an AT&T prepaid hotspot plan ($50 for 100GB).

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