Gl-x750v2c4 restore to factory firmware

I have a Gl-x750v2c4 from a reseller (traveldata). TravelData’s version of the firmware does not allow access to network settings. Can I remove/overwrite the traveldata version of firmware and return this device to its factory firmware?
I see the “Use UBoot to Debrick your GL.iNet Router” video. Will using that method accomplish what I want?
I am like one percent as knowledgeable as most of you seem to be but the router is useless to me as is so I’m willing to try.

Thank you.

I don’t think you need to go the UBoot route! Can you access LuCi?

LuCi was not installed. I have installed it and opened it but I honestly would not know what to do on that interface.
Thank you for your reply though.

You can use LuCi to upload a factory firmware in order to flash your router.

Download the firmware for your particular device from GL.Inet. Verify its checksum. Lastly from LuCi web interface there is an option to browse to your firmware file and flash the device.

SpitzAX3000 thank you!
I am in way over my head on most of this but because of your help, I was able to restore this router to factory firmware and make it useful to me again.
Have a great weekend!

Glad to help! Enjoy and explore all the features that LuCi can offer👍

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