GL-XE300 and GL-X750 both very slow on Tmobile

Like the title said I have both a GL-XE300 and GL-X750 and both are very slow although the GL-XE300 tends to be a bit slower than the GL-X750.

Both are connected to Tmobile. On my phone I can get 25mpbs+ in the locations I’ve been testing, but both routers struggle to even hit 5mbps and are often <1mbps.

I’ve tried changing the TTL to 65 and proto to “qcm” in the modem. Neither had any noticeable effect.

I’ve also tried changing the band on the modem. I’ve tested all the 4g bands for Tmobile I could find - 2,4,5,12 and 71. All basically had the same performance.

VPN is currently disabled and real-time stats are disabled as well.

Speed is slow on both ethernet and wifi.

Any help is appreciated!

Signal stats would help. Phones generally have better modems and reception in weak areas. Also depending on your sim plan in the router you may be getting deprioritized or even throttled. In many cases TTL setting or other tweaks can help with this.

Thanks for the reply. I attached a screenshot of the modem stats as of right now at a different location. It’s not too bad here. I’m getting about 8mbps DL from the router. My phone still gets 20-25mbps DL here.

I have a 2 Google Fi and 1 Tmobile SIM. None are throttled. If I swap SIMs with my phone and routers, my phone is always fast and routers always slow. Perhaps the device is throttled? But all the way down to .5mbps? Do you know of the TTL or other tweaks? I’ve tried searching but haven’t found much. I’d be content with just 10mbps DL as that’s all I really need for my use case.

I just found this page:
(forum won’t let me post a link… it’s a document on this website called “Modem FAQ”)

and tried this:

Use the QMI protocol

Select device as /dev/cdc-wdmX and fill in the correct [APN]

I’m now getting ~15mbps DL at my current location which I’ve never seen before anywhere. I’ll test this later at the location that it will be deployed where I was getting .5mbps.

The router, CAT4 or CAT6, is always slower than your phone, which maybe cat16 or cat20.

Don’t know why QCM is slower than QMI. QCM should be better.

If it is max 0.5 Mbps it may means you are throttled. The carrier throttle you for some reason.

I tested in the deployment location and DL speed is still terrible. Lucky to see over 1mbps.

Here’s the modem stats:
srp -75
rsrq -19
rssi -35
sinr 6

-35 RSSI. It’s like I’m sitting on top of a cell tower but the signal is scrambled.

The signal is very good. Seems you are limited by your carrier for some reason.

Previously I had a Verizon SIM and I was throttled at 0.5M for whatever reason.

I’m thinking poor signal…

RSRQ is quite bad at -19 dB, and SINR suggests this as well at 6

Given that RSRP is high at -75, and RSSI at -31 – Noisy downlink from the serving cell

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Would a CAT6 modem handle this better and be able to offer better speeds with a noisy signal?

I don’t think that would help much - move to a different location temporarily and test there…