Gl-xe300 Automatic Power On

Hi team. I am planning to purchase a GL-XE300 (EG25-G Global Version), that will be installed in a remote location. This unit will be powered by the 5V/3A power adapter to the USB-C as a permanent power supply.
My need is if a power failure is present, and the router battery drains, as soon power is present at the adapter and supplied to the router, will it start regular configured operations and go back to connected status?. This has to be done without any human intervention
This is a must for my buying decision, please let me know if anyone has been able to test the power-on capacity of the GL-XE300 as soon as power is present to his USB-C.
Thank you so much, be safe and healthy.

Yes I confirm that XE300 will be powered on when you plug in the power.

The battery last around 8 hours as well.

So fit your needs.