GL-XE300 not getting 4G/LTE connection ready on boot (EP06 modem)

Hello Everyone,

I recently bought a GL-XE300 with the EP06 modem.
Actually, when it boots, it doesn’t connects automatically with 4G connection.
It just tried indefinitely to connect but connection never gets ready.

Instead, I have to connect on the WebUI and click on “Abort” then “Auto-connect” (or maybe “Auto-Configure”) and then magically, 4G/LTE connection gets ready a few seconds after.

Does someone has any idea of why does it acts like that ? It is very frustrating.


After you connect successfully, then reboot, does it auto connect? As long as I know it should.


I have to conduct more tests, but since I did a “Modem reset”, things seems to be better now.
I’m testing the uptime over a few days for now to see if connection drops/reconnects successfully.

I will report back if problem persists.

If I don’t … then [Choose an answer] :

  • I forgot to update this thread because everything was fine
  • everything is fine and I forgot to update this thread


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