GL-XE300 - Notification when power off/on

I recently purchased a GL-XE300 with battery to be deployed in a remote location. Is it possible to get a notification (via SMS?) when power via mains is lost and another one when power is restored? Is this information about power supply somehow available to be used programmatically on the device? Alternatively i’m thinking about monitoring the powerline from USB power supply to send notification via Wifi. Could be an ESP8266 powered by a supercap for short time, just long enough to signal the power outage.

connect it to cloud then install the official app on your smartphone so will notify of your devices status…

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I can’t find any power status on the router status page nor in the app.
I the app i have two alarm settings, device online/offline and new client connected, but no power status alarm. When i disconnect the device from power no alarm is sent.

Hi,Battery capacity is displayed on the home page of the the APP does not have this display battery status. If you want to check your battery usage, please access the router’s page remotely.

I did not ask for battery usage, but i conclude that a power outage is not detected by the device and no notification is sent on this event. So i have to follow the other route.

you need bash script for notification

by shell command read battery status
cat /tmp/mcu_data
answer: {“T”:40.5,“P”:51,“C”:1,“N”:71}
the “C” - is power connection. 1 - power joint/ 0 - power unplugged

next add your script to cron
crontab -e

I use and pushover for notifi

Thank you for this information, so i don’t need additional hardware to monitor power.

/tmp/mcu_data is not updated when pulling or inserting the power plug from the device. To get /tmp/mcu_data updated you have to run /usr/bin/xe300-mcu first.