GL-XE300 (Puli) - Device works slowly

Something must be wrong here.

1.Why then such devices, if you can get a faster internet connection from an ordinary phone?
2. So I understand, it is not possible to unlock a faster connection from this device and you have to pay as much as 400 euros to achieve the speed that the phone also gives?
3. And how does it relate to much cheaper devices through which the internet works on a sim card and the speed is around 100 Mb / s?


Today I connected this device for the first time since purchase using an Ethernet cable with a laptop, thinking that since I received answers that the iPhone works better and supports higher speeds…
Unfortunately, there is no improvement with the Ethernet cable. Same. Max.~20Mbps.

I’ve already found similar topics on this forum, people had the same problem, but from what I’ve read, there’s not a single specific answer on how to solve the problem with this device blocking the internet data transfer speed.


If something doesn’t work well, then you try one thing after another until you find where the issue is

One elementary, basic check is to change the IMEI to match your phone’s IMEI and also change the TTL to 65

If you don’t know how, search on the forum on how to do it

Another thing, I don’t have iPhone but on Android there are few apps to see on which bands your phone is connected

Check to see if there are in Apps Store the following apps: ‘Netmonitor’ by parizene and ‘NetMonster’ by Michal Mrocek. If there are download them. There are very useful in order to understand the mobile carrier’s signal at your location

It all depends on device’s capabilities. As I already said, Puli is Cat 6, but any iPhone since 6s (2015?) has higher Cat so will probably provide faster connection. Modern phones aren’t ordinary in this regard. They have sophisticated modems and antenna arrays. Also they cost often more than Puli.

As far as I know advanced LTE and 5G modems are expensive. There’s also the second hand market full of slightly slower devices (lower Cat rating).

Which ones exactly?

Of course there’s a possibility that you’ve got a dud, configuration is messed and other factors. Yet the hardware capability gap is the only thing that can be inferred from the information you’re shared so far. Comparing Puli to an iPhone is like comparing apples to oranges.

Ok, thanks for the help, but should I enter it in the register of the device, e.g. MacBook, or do I enter these commands in the settings of the router panel?

Here is an example for changing the default IMEI for the Puli router:

and here an example for the TTL:

Thanks for your help, but there is nothing specific about these topics. There should be instructions on how to configure it. In the case of other routers, you insert a sim card and everything works fine, here you have to gymnastics.

I changed the IMEI address on this device to the phone’s IMEI.
I added:
ip6tables -t mangle -I POSTROUTING -j HL --hl-set 65
ip6tables -t mangle -I PREROUTING -j HL --hl-set 65

iptables -t mangle -I POSTROUTING -j TTL --ttl-set 65
iptables -t mangle -I PREROUTING -j TTL --ttl-set 65

I have turned ipv6 on and off.

It still works the same.

Thanks everyone for your help.

The next step would be to check on which LTE / 4G band(s) do your phone and tablet use to connect to the mobile carrier (there should be in the Apps Store, few apps that have been downloaded more than 1 Million times for this)

After you find the bands used by your phone/ tablet - you compare it with your Puli router

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Here is a website on how does T-Mobile Poland uses its bands (I don’t know if the information is up to date)

Your iPhone/iPad most likely has a much higher cat rated modem, which means that data is delivered over more band frequencies at the same time, which results in higher speeds.

In real world usage your puli with a cat 6 modem (2x2 Mimo cellular) can score about 100-150 Mbps max. Depending on your mobile network cell, the actual numbers of users using data in your cell, the used frequencies and distance to the networks cellular antennas (and obstacles in the way), everything from 20-50 Mbps with a cat 6 modem is good.

If you want to have higher speeds with the modem, you need to invest in a better modem/router. Gl.inet has only two routers atm which support faster speeds (spitz AX - X3000 without a battery and puli AX - XE3000 with built in battery). Both routers will no significantly bigger and heavier than your puli router, but will deliver faster speeds.

That TMobile PL description is outdated. They switched off 3G recently and now have LTE 900@5 MHz (Band 8).

Thanks for the replies.

However, one thing puzzles me. So there is currently no router to which we will insert a sim card and the internet will work as fast as in an iPad or iPhone?

I bought another 4G-N16 router today and the same thing is happening…


4G-N16 is a lte cat 4 router, right?

Yes, this router.

Now I don’t know if each router will have max. 20Mbps or whatever. I have unlimited data and speed with T-mobile.


Your Puli XE300, I assume that it had inside a Quectel EP06-E modem, which means a LTE Cat 6

You bought another router (let’s say a No Name modem router) with a LTE Cat 4 modem

by comparison

iPhone XS, iPhone SE (2020) is Cat 16

iPhone X and iPhone XR, both pack Cat 12 LTE modems

iPhone 11 Pro is Cat 19

My question is: why do you think that you can do a downgrade (yes, downgrade) from a cat 6 router to a cat 4 router and obtain the same performance as a device with a Cat 16 modem?

We are looking for a hole in the whole. Let’s go back to the beginning of my first question, because we have developed the thread so much that we completely change the subject.

The router I ordered and tried different settings doesn’t even work at 30mbps.

I wanted to buy another one and see if there is any dependency - as I have experienced now - there is none. It still doesn’t even exceed 20mbps.

So my question is: Are there currently no routers on the market that, after inserting a sim card, will operate at a speed of, for example, about 100 mb/s?

If so, which ones? Currently I am thinking about buying: ZTE_MC801A and testing it.

OR this router Huawei B818-263.

Unless there is a proven router with GL-iNET that will allow higher speeds.


If you want a router close to IPhone or Ipad speeds then I would recommend you to try

GL.iNet Spitz AX 5G - X3000 or

GL.iNet Puli AX 5G - XE3000