GL-XE300 (Puli) failover and priority on 4G/LTE

I have two video surveillance systems. I connected the two video surveillance systems between the wan networks. I would like to give internet priority to the 4G line, rather than the wan network. I would also like to be able to access the two video surveillance systems remotely.
I can not with XE-300 to do this.

This is my scenario:


I’ve seen that firmware 4.2 (beta) does prioritize but 4g doesn’t work. The system is not stable and gives errors.
I ask you, with firmware 3, if I can do it with mwan3 and how to set it. Thank you

The different interfaces (luci (/advanced settings) → network → interfaces) have a gateway weight. This gateway weight defines the priority of that interface. If you reverse those weights, mwan will reverse the priority.

I did this but I noticed that in the configuration the weight in the gateway for the modem (4G/LTE) is not configurable from the interface. (see photo)

So I preferred to change the weight of the wan, from 10 to 50 as in the picture:

This worked in the sense that it fails over.

However I want priority on the 4G network, so that if the “4G/LTE” network goes down, it uses the WAN, but as soon as it starts working again, it immediately returns to the 4G network.

This is currently not the case

Ah, I remember in the past that mwan3 sometimes has issues detecting whenever wwan is recovered. This guy at the openWRT forum also had this issue.

What does mwan3 report about the status of that interface? And what do the logs show?

I changed the member metrics on mwan3. Now everything seems to work. I hope I did right.
Too bad the same interface was not made on the gl-inet panel for firmware version 3.