GL-XE300 puli - how to connect router a public wifi captive portal

Hi community,

How can I use my router to connect to a public wifi to use it as wifi repeater ?
When I do so I cannot reach the login page to activate the public wifi captive portal.

The idea here is to have all my devices (laptop, phones etc…) to connect to the router and have the router connect to public wifi…

How can this be possible ?


Pls check the online guide

Thank you.

I have already looked as much as possible on the documentation before posting here.

Having activated adguardhome, the DNS settings page is not available to modify since the field of DNS is blocking validation of the page…

You should turn off “Manual DNS Server Settings”.

I cannot I have an error message saying I shall turn off other DNS settings before.

The custom DNS setting page is broken, there is nothing I can change, when I click apply I systematically receive an error message.

Can you reset the router and configure again? Maybe something messed up.