Gl-xe300 - puli

Hello. Saw you have a new MiFi type device coming soon.

Any details on the release date? Will it offer the EP06-A as a modem?


It is updated version of current mifi. Yes it will offer EP06-A.

It will be available Dec 2020

Awesome! I am excited to pick one up.

Are you planning to send out an email when it goes on sale, like you have been doing for other products?

We will definitely do this.

alzahao: Any news on the GL-XE300 release date? December 2020 is long gone and the GL-XE300 is still not available…

Also, I saw that there is a big sale of the GL-MiFi from 27-JAN-2021 at the GL-iNet store. Is the GL-MiFi already reaching EOL in the next few weeks, i.e., no more firmware updates?

We will have software update at least 2 years after stop selling the hardware.