GL-XE300 with purevpn


i have the GL-XE300 4g router with the OpenWrt
Has anybody a sample “ovpn” for PUREVPN
I dont get it to work when i drop several ovpn sample files

Please help, Thnaks!!!

Are you following this guide:

If it does not work, then you can submit a ticket to PureVPN.

OpenVpn throughput would be quite slow (max 10Mbps according to GL.Inet).

I did
but not much support with purevpn, does not work on openwrt
it does not work
I found one provider who almaost worked
but the vpn keeps going to in internal webpage of the GL-XE300
the portforwarding does not work in combintion with a vpn :frowning:

There is another more complicated guide for PureVPN:

I think the .ovpn files to use are for Linux OVPN Version 2.0:

I used PureVPN successfully for about 10 years, but switched to NordVPN about 2 years ago. NordVPN OpenVPN works well on both PC and GL.iNet.

If you are looking for a new VPN provider, then you may consider a Wireguard service such as Mullvad, Azirevpn,, etc. because the throughput will be much higher on your GL-XE300. Although NordVPN has Wireguard, it only works on their apps and they do not provide configs for routers.

Have you checked this guide OpenVPN Client - GL.iNet Docs

There is a link to download purevpn ovpn files. Just upload as a zip

Hi there im using the Opal router and I keep getting an error message when trying to connect to purevpn

, I’ve also tried changing servers between udp and tcp but still nothing

Purevpn is not a good choice.

Check if this ovpn works on your other device, e.g. windows or phone to see if it is problem of purevpn.