GL-XE3000 luci proto

Hi all, I bought GL-XE3000 and I am impressed.
When going to luci interface I notice rmnet_mhi0 modem network interface shows

Unsupported protocol type.
Install protocol extensions…

In GL.iNet interface I see qcm as protocol.
Does it help to install luci-proto-ncm or luci-proto-qmi or would that have unwanted effects on the router.

I have done that before the message did not disappear. So, I would advice you not to.

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@SpitzAX3000 : Thanks for reaction … so probably there is no luci-proto-qcm package in GL.iNet addon repository?

On my model 3000, there is no such package.

@SpitzAX3000 … I did not find one either which is why I wondered … :dotted_line_face:

NO. It will not be compatible with Luci.