GL-XE3000 poweroff

I configured my brand new GL-XE3000 and I am overall happy.
When, from ssh CLI, I do a poweroff the box seems to shutdown indeed as all the LEDs go off and the ssh session is closed. However, after a short time (say one minute) the box boots (and works fully) again. I tested both with power connected and with power disconnected.
So the poweroff seems to behave like a reboot.
Is this a configuration option or is there another way to turn the box off?

Try installing


at your own risk! Then from LuCI you can power it off.

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I’ll do that and will let you know.

update : I attempted and performed luci advanced power off (ignoring some warnings) but unfortunately the box does boot after power off.

Then, it is not supported on some models.

OK, silly me, the power LED of the GL-XE3000 is actually a physical power on/off button.
When switching power off by pushing that button, the box actually correctly powers off without further reboot.