GL-XE3000 Puli Wireguard not routing correctly

I just received a GL-XE3000 Puli today and I am giving it a solid test. I have two Wireguard servers that I have used extensively over the past 2 years. One of them is a server that I run myself, and the other is TorGuard. I can successfully upload these configs into the interface without error and they will indeed connect and show as if they are connected successfully. See screenshot below:

I have this setup in Global Proxy Mode and I’m using the default options for the Global Connection options and the “Connection Options” on the wireguard client itself.

The issue I am seeing is that I cannot get any traffic routed out of the router. I am using Tmobile and ATT for internet, and it doesnt matter which carrier I am on, with the Wireguard connected, no traffic will get routed. I can do nslookup and get IP’s so its not a resolution issue, it seems like its routing.

It also does not matter which wireguard server I use, my own or Torguard, the results are the same. I have taken the router right from the box, booted it, Changed the APN and TTL for the carriers and then uploaded my wireguard configs…no other changes.

Has anyone seen similar? Is there something I am missing here?

Please help check route rule.It need to login via ssh exec:
ip route

What’s the value of AllowedIPs in WireGuard config?